Numerical Simulation of Rectangular fin in convective ambience.

This is a B.Tech project done by a group of mechanical engineering students as a final project in their 4th year. The project is based on the application of finite element method on the problem of heat transfer in a rectangular fin. The software used is MATLAB. In this project a software numerical simulation of …

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Supercomputing is the silent power behind many recent innovations. Like, when we hear about the discovery of a new drug or method to cure Cancer using personalized immunotherapy. Mapping of the human genome has provided the insight and lead to various possibilities of exploring the potential gene mutations possible for a person based on his …

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cloud computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a network technique which helps organization to share resources using internet. It is a collection of servers, application, database, documents, agreements, spreadsheets storage capacity etc. which allows organizations to share these resources from anywhere.