Class 11

Best Physics books

Physics is very passionating and interesting subject nowadays. There are so many videos, blogs and articles available on the internet but there are some classical textbooks which are necessary to study and understand the basic physics. One of the best physics books is ‘’Resnick and Halliday’’. This book is a textbook of high school physics …

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Assignment- Conceptual questions Physics-11

Assignment- Conceptual questions Physics-11 Time: 1hour.                                                                                                       Marks: 15 All questions are compulsory.   Q1. If friction can provide necessary centripetal force, why should the road be        banked?                                                                                                             [2] Ans.   Q2. Is it possible to open a pen cap with one finger? Why?                               [2] Ans.   Why is it easier to balance …

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