Assignment Physics Units and Motion

Assignment Physics 1

  1. Why do we have different units for the same physical quantity?
  2. The vernier scale of a travelling microscope has 50 divisions which coincide with 49 main scale Divisions.  If each main scale division is 0.5 mm, calculate the minimum inaccuracy in the measurement of distance.  Ans. 0.01
  1. A uniformly moving cricket ball is turned back by hitting it with a bat for a very short time interval. Show the variation of its acceleration with time.
  2. A ball is dropped from a building of height 45 m. Simultaneously another ball is thrown up with A speed 40 m/s. Calculate the relative speed of the balls as a function of time.
  1. A bird is tossing (flying to and fro) between two cars moving towards each other on a straight road. One car has a speed of 18 km/h while the other has the speed of 27 km/h. The bird starts moving from first car towards the other and is moving with the speed of 36 km/h and when the Two cars were separated by 36 km. What is the total distance covered by the bird?
  1. What is responsible for the electromagnetic force in nature?
  2. Which force in the nature applicable everywhere and which force is not applicable everywhere?
  3. If all the terms in an equation have same units, is it necessary that they have same dimensions?If all the terms in an equation have same dimensions, is it necessary that they have same units?
  1. If velocity, time and force were chosen as basic quantities, find the dimensions of mass.
  2. A man walks at a speed of 6 km/h for 1 km and 8 km/h for the next 1 km. What is his average speed for the walk of 2 km



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