Surface tension powered boat

Surface Tension Powered Boat

Materials required:

  • Hard plastic Sheet like mobile sim extra part
  • Camphor
  • Marker
  • Scale
  • A round dinner plate
  • Paper
  • Scissors
Fig.1| Take some plastic sheet or card, for example, mobile sim remaining part.
Fig.2| Using permanent marker or pencil mark this pattern with the help of a scale.
Fig.3| Cut along the marked lines with scissors to make this shape of our little boat.
Fig. 4| Camphor tablets which you can buy from any nearby shop used in pooja-aarti.
Fig. 5| Take a little amount of camphor and apply it to the notch region by pressing it with thumb and index finger as shown.
Fig. 6| Take a round dinner plate.
Fig. 7| Pour some water into it.

Fig. 8| Put the little boat on water it will just float but not move.
Fig. 9| To start the boat take a clean sheet of paper and fold its one corner as shown and put it on the water surface.
Fig. 10| Wait for a few seconds as the paper will absorb the slight amount of oil present on the water surface which is preventing the boat from moving.
Fig. 11| Now gently pull the paper from the folded corner do not lift it just pull it out.
Fig. 12| As you will pull out the paper the boat will start moving. To increase the speed repeat this with a fresh piece of paper. If the boat does not start apply some more paper.
Fig. 13| To stop the boat apply a very tiny amount of oil on your finger.
Fig. 14| As you will touch the surface of the water the boat will immediately stop.

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