Drip irrigation system model

Ingredients required:

1. Rectangular bucket or container 
2. Garden soil 
3. Two IV Cannulae 
4. A plastic jar 
5. A nail 
6. Adhesive 
7. Transparent tape. 
8. Drawing pin

Fig.1: Take a rectangular bucket and fill it with garden soil.
Fig.2: Take two IV Cannulae you can get these at a nearby medicine shop or a clinic.
Fig.3: Remove the plastic nozzle from one of the cannulae.
Fig.4: Insert the plastic nozzle of one cannula into the rubber tube of the other cannula from which the nozzle was removed. 
Fig.5: Two cannulae joined.
Fig.6: With the help of a nail make a small hole in the lower side of the plastic jar.
Fig.7: Insert the sharp nozzle of the cannula in the hole.
Fig.8: Top view of the Cannula inserted in the jar.
Fig.9: Now we will make it leak proof with the help of some adhesive.
Fig.10: Apply the adhesive around the nozzle and Jar joint only from outside the jar.
Fig.11: Remove the unwanted things like stones from the soil and level it.
Fig.12: Now start fixing one end of the cannula pipe to the container with the help of transparent tape.
Fig.13: Also fix the other end with tape as shown in the picture.
Fig.14: Leave about 2 inches of space and again fix the pipe with tape.
Fig.15: Now bend the pipe at right angle and stretch it to the other end
Fig.16: You may need the help of your friend to hold the pipe.
Fig.17: Again fix the pipe at the bend with the help of tape.
Fig.18: Now repeat the same process throughout the width of the container by fixing the pipe bends to the edge of the container with the help of tape
Fig.19: We don’t need water to come out of the end of the pipe nozzle. For this slide the flow controller at the end and stop the flow completely.
Fig.20: Make a small hole in the pipe with the help of a drawing pin.
Fig.21: Water droplets will come from these holes.
Fig.22: Make the holes at regular intervals of 3 inches or as you like.
Fig.23: Fill the jar with clean water and release the water by sliding the flow controller attached to the jar.
Fig.24: : Our fully functional drip irrigation system is ready now. You can sow some seeds or small plants at the points where the drops are following. Goodluck… 

By Khushant Kumar Gola and Prashant Kumar Sinha

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