kinetic theory of gases assignments

Assignment: Kinetic Theory of Matter

Assignment: Kinetic Theory of Matter 1 I year-Physics Paper-II (Kinetic Theory and Thermodynamics)


  1. What is meant by degrees of freedom of a particle? State the law of equipartition of energy. Deduce the relation between the specific heat ratio and degrees of freedom for a perfect gas.


  1. What is Brownian motion?


  1. What is Stratosphere? Explain its importance.


  1. Describe Andrew’s experiment on carbon dioxide. Compare its experimental curves with theoretical curves of Real gas equation.


  1. What are critical constants? What is Boyle temperature? Establish relations between Boyle temperature and Real gas constants.


  1. What is Joule-Thomson effect? Deduce an expression for the cooling in Real gas.


  1. Prove that ratio of temperature of inversion and critical temperature is independent of the nature of the gas.


  1. Discuss variation of temperature of the atmosphere with height from the earth.


  1. State Dalton’s law of partial pressure.


  1. What do you understand by the atomicity of a gas?


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