science magazine scienceteen-jan-mar-2017-coverpage

Science Magazine Scienceteen Jan-Mar 2017 Issue

science magazine scienceteen-jan-mar-2017-coverpage

Science Magazine Scienceteen Jan-Mar 2017 Issue

28 February celebrated as national science day as C.V Raman gave the Raman scattering on 28 February 1928. The cover story is a brief note on his life and works. The featured article is a glimpse of what we call “Metaphysics”. This time we have a very simple DIY project on “Earthquake detector”. The basic principle is the same for a real detector as explained in this simple model. In the section of your articles, you will find a brief description of the laser-plasma accelerator and a short note on Quantum mechanics and on the philosophy of computer language.


5 Cover story
C.V. Raman 05
9 Featured article
Metaphysics 09
13 teen Spectrum
Viju & Cheers 13
Science Quiz 14
15 Technoteens
Earthquake Detector 15
16 Mystery
A pear-shaped Earth 16
17 Your Articles
Laser-Plasma Accelerator 17
Suppression of Scientific Ideas 18
Quantum Theory 19
Philosophy of Computer Language 19
Indian Standard Time 20
New Discoveries in Nuclear Physics 21
23 insight
National Science Day 23
Ramanujan Shodh Sansthan News 23
24 testimonials


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