Relativity Reboot

Relativity Reboot

This course on Relativity (Special and General Theory) is basically meant for the amateurs and students who are interested in topics such as Black Holes, Cosmology or in the Classical Theory of Gravity. This course will take you from the basics required to understand the mathematical and physical formulations used in the general theory of relativity.

We will start from Special Relativity in Electrodynamics, then Tensor algebra and then will terminate our course on Einstein Field Equations and The Schwarzschild solution of a Blackhole. This course will also deal with some computational aspects as well such as calculating the Christoffel symbols, Riemann Tensor, Ricci tensor, Ricci Scalar, and a few advanced stuff as well using Python (EinsteinPY, GraviPY, etc. other related libraries).

It will be a 3-hour session, where in the first hour it will be dealing with the mathematical aspects which are required to start with, the second hour with the Electromagnetic Theory with Special Relativity and third hour will be main Relativity with the physical and mathematical part. Sessions will be held every Sunday and suitable timings will be discussed as per the necessity. 
Eligibility: Students have a basic background in Vector analysis, Electromagnetism,  Calculus.                  

Only those who are/have studied in college with Undergrad/Postgrad in sciences are eligible.  (Some exceptions can be made based on a review)
There will be no exam for the course, however, Understanding the course will be judged on the basis of small Quiz, ppt presentation and a minor project (Mathematica & Computational).

Almost 184 students are registered for the course and due to the limitation of seats we have allowed 70 of them.

Instructors are

  • Rahul Aggrawal
  • Rohit Kumar Jha
  • Prashant Kumar Sinha
  • Abhishek Parida

Venue: Nehru Planetarium, Teen Murti Bhavan, Teen Murti Marg, New Delhi

Organizing Committees are:

For further queries, you can contact: Saurabh |
Registration form Link: course being conducted at Nehru Planetarium on Special and General theory of relativity. The instructors are :

Lecture Notes:

Rahul Aggarwal Lecture 01 Notes Download

Prashant Krumar Sinha Lecture 01 Notes Download

Prashant Krumar Sinha Lecture 02 Notes Download

Prashant Krumar Sinha Lecture 03 Notes Download

Prashant Krumar Sinha Lecture 04 Notes Download

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Rahul Aggrawal Theoretical Physicist. Grad, Post Grad from DU in Physics. Research experience as JRF. Teaching exp in DU.