Language of Physics

Languages an essential part of any thought. It is difficult to think clearly and easily without the knowledge of language. Language means how we can express our thoughts and emotions. To express thoughts we need words and to express laws of physics new words are invented. Sometimes we can not express nature in words and exact information of the physical world and its laws represented by some numbers or some mathematical form. This mathematical form becomes the new word of language of physics. The laws of physics are law of nature so language of physics should be in such a way that law must be exact and true.

Mathematics subject of numbers in which we deals exact results, proofs and true information, sometimes it said by some great mathematicians that nature follows mathematics because nature follows some pattern and regularity. In physics to demonstrate the laws we required a language which is near to the language of nature and it must be mathematics.

In the many branches of physics the concept are so deep that we cannot express them by words, example the laws of quantum physics cannot be properly understood without the knowledge of higher mathematics. Great quantum physicist Feynman said no one can understand quantum physics. It means the laws are so abstract that it is very hard to grasp it. To understand quantum physics knowledge of linear algebra and calculus are required. So we can say that physics is the study of nature and it laws and mathematics is the language of physics.

Anurag Singh and Kapil Kumar Class 11th Section A

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