CBSE Class 12 Question Paper Physics 2016

CBSE Class 12 Question Paper Physics 2016

Physics question paper is very easy to solve if you prepared well conceptual questions. Physics is all about concepts. In the question paper, 2 marks and 3 marks questions are related to concepts. Some of the 3 marks questions are numerical. Memory-based questions are few.

To gain good marks every student should focus on NCERT and Exempler. He or she should solve each and every examples given in the NCERT book. Some students ask how to prepare physics exam? My suggestion to them please prepare short notes and a list of formulas given in the book. Don’t study late at night.

Follow LWRTN rule through out the year. LWRTN means L-listening lecture delivered by teacher, W-write every important thing  during lecture, R- reading those notes carefully one or two times, T- think about the concept and try to teach someone and last final necessary thing is N- Numericals, solve numericals as much as you can. In my opinion best way of learning physics is teaching physics. So teach someone who is weaker than you and feel the difference. All the best.


By: Aggrawal Sir

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